Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Broward Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Treatments

Frank Iborra, AP, Dipl. Ac. is a state licensed and nationally certified (NCCAOM) acupuncture physician and herbalist in South Florida.

Acupuncture is over 5000 years old and is a time tested healing modality originating from the far East.

Acupuncture's success in treating pain, immune deficiency diseases, degenerative and pathogenic diseases and all levels of imbalance and stress within the human body is relatively well known and continues to gain recognition in the west. Recent efficacy studies conducted by the National Institute of Health have led many HMO's, hospitals, and clinics to include Oriental Medicine in their systems.

The Chinese, like many other ancient cultures identified the living energetic aspects of our being. The Chinese called the energy system that runs close to the surface of the body and has an outward to inward flow, meridians. There are also right, left and central channels which are located below the surface and have an inward to outward flow. These energy pathways feed into and connect to the organ systems to create health when they are open and flowing. When compromised or congested, they reflect pathological organ disturbances

Frank's private practice is at White Crane Healing Arts in Broward County and is the senior instructor for the Qigong program at the center.  Frank specializes in Asian bodywork and has studied the Asian healing and movement arts for over 35 years  including:

# Taoist Chinese Medicine
# Acupuncture
# Chinese Herbal Therapy
# Therapeutic Massage
# Nutrition and Cooking Classes
# Chinese Food Therapy
# Qigong Tui Na Massage
# Self Cultivation Practices
# Qigong classes

White Crane Healing Arts Center
7071 W. Commercial Blvd. Suite 2C
Tamarac, FL 33319

Phone (954) 721-7252

Sunday, June 26, 2011

South Florida Concrete Countertops by Eco Simplista

EcoSimplista offers sustainable countertop options with great green features in common:

    * Eco-friendly materials
    * Low-VOC or VOC-free in materials, installation, and maintenance
    * High recycled content
    * Hypoallergenic and antibacterial
    * Durable

Stop wasting precious natural resources on your kitchen's countertops. Several brilliant companies now offer environmentally responsible surfaces. Consider recycled tile countertops, bamboo counters, concrete countertops and the many other options highlighted here. All present attractive and viable alternatives to conventional countertops.

These options are also available for bathrooms, mantels, custom cabinetry, etc.

    * Poured Concrete - natural organic materials with modern techniques
    * ALKEMI - recycled surface material composed of post-industrial scrap waste

Call Today to find out how we can help you select the right countertop for you.

Eco Simplista
Your Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Company
Non-Toxic Zero VOC Paint, Eco Flooring, Concrete Countertops, Decorative Concrete & Remodeling Supplies
699 East Oakland Park Blvd., Oakland Park, Fl 33334
Phone: 954-565-5900

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rickey’s Sports Bar & Grill in Pembroke Pines, FL

Rickey's is known for great food at affordable prices, most anyone that lives in Broward County has eaten at Rickey’s in Hollywood. The original Hollywood location has been around since 1955 - for over 55 years. Now we can offer the same fabulous menu to the Hollywood - Pembroke Pines residents west of University Drive. There are also plenty of HD TV's to watch all the Sports and Championship Games.

Our Menu cover many tastes:
 *  Appetizers
 *  Soups & Salads
 *  Wings
 *  Baby Back Ribs
 *  Chicken Breast Sandwiches
 *  Country Fried Sandwiches & Dinners
 *  Rickey's 1/2 lb Hamburgers & Hot Dogs
 *  Cold Sandwiches & Platters
 *  Hot Sandwiches & Platters
 *  Rickey's Famous Club Sandwiches
 *  Pasta - Steak - Seafood
 *  Incredible Sides

    * Happy Hour 4-7pm and 10-12am
    * Dinner Specials
    * Superior Dining Service
    * Drink Specials
    * DirectTV NFL Package
    * Sports Bar with HD TV's
    * Full menu served until closing
    * Plenty of Free Parking
    * In The Biz Specials - All the time

Mon-Fri –12pm to 4am
Sat & Sun – 12noon to 4am

Rickey’s Sports Bar & Grill
8389 Pines Blvd
Pembroke Pines, Florida 33024
(954) 744-4697

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Buy Seafood Online

Gourmet At Your Door's seafood is a fantastic catch with an unbeatable selection of ocean fresh seafood.

All our Seafood is portion controlled and flash frozen to maintain its natural minerals and vitamins.

Our fish is cleaned, filleted, packaged and flash frozen right onboard the fishing vessel less than four hours after being caught.

Some of our best sellers include:
- Norweigan Salmon Fillet
- Saku Tuna
- Chilean Sea Bass Fillets
- Orange Roughy
- Crispy Tuna Fillet
Gourmet At Your Door is your home delivery service of (ready to cook) five-star restaurant quality portioned controlled foods. Our company features and distributes an extensive variety of top quality gourmet products.

Our facilities
    We are inspected and certified by outside agencies (local and nationwide) whose requirements exceed those of the USDA. We inspect our suppliers’ facilities to ensure wholesome practices on their part, and we take the extra steps necessary to provide you with the assurance that we strictly manage a system that safeguards the products we deliver to your door. 

Order your Steaks & Seafood On-line with Gourmet At Your Door!

Seafood - Salmon - Lobster - Shrimp - Tuna - Sea Bass - Premium Cuts of Beef - Kobe Beef - Pork - Lamb - Poultry - Organic Meats - Heat & Serve

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CATV Equipment Lease Financing

Whether you are a programmer ready to launch a new channel, or an MSO looking to add a headend, you know that the equipment expense is a primary concern. You are spending cash now on digital or analog receivers, modulators and upconverters and are depending upon revenues generated later to cover that expense. If you want to manage your cash flow, you should consider lease financing for all of your headend equipment purchases.

Equipment lease financing has several advantages:
   1) You own the equipment
   2) You have fixed, predictable payments which allow for accurate budgeting and forecasting
   3) You hedge against interest rate increases and make use today of tomorrow's less valuable dollar
   4) You turn a lump sum payment into a monthly expenditure, matching your expenses with the revenues you will generate.

Advanced Media Technologies, Inc. is the innovation and performance leader among high-end CATV and Direct Broadcast Satellite equipment providers. Unsurpassed quality and uncompromising standards of performance, reliability, and service, have made AMT's equipment an integral component of major Multiple System Operators' headends and networks in the United States, and among entertainment and multimedia content delivery companies around the world.

Now, we are pleased to offer our customers lease financing alternatives. Let us help you arrange an equipment lease package that meets YOUR individual needs.

Advanced Media Technologies, Inc.
720 S. Powerline Road - Suite G
Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442
PHONE: 954.427.5711
TOLL-FREE: 888.293.5856

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Removing Wine Stains

Stain Rx has a very long and successful track record. It has been used as Erado-Sol® in the medical and industrial fields for more than 40 years prior to being offered for household use.

Stain Rx contains surfactants, safe solvents and stain reducing components and has no phosphorous, peroxide or chlorine bleach.

Stain Rx is pH neutral and will not adversely affect colorfast washable fabrics and MAY BE DISCHARGED DIRECTLY INTO SEPTIC TANKS WITH NO HARM. Additionally, Stain Rx keeps colors vibrant and whites whiter without oxidizing agents.

This also will work for Berries (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry…), Cranberry Juice, Fruit Punch, Pomegranate, Red Wine, Iodine
Cambridge Diagnostic Products
(800) 525-6262