Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Green Home & Building Supplies by Eco Simplista

We are an eco-friendly home improvement company that offers the best environmentally friendly paints, green non-toxic countertops, eco flooring, decorative concrete and wide range of green products & cleaning supplies designed to protect your home from harmful toxic pollutants.

As South Florida’s leader and supplier of eco-friendly green building supplies and home solutions, the mission of Eco Simplista is quite simple. We believe the use of non-toxic, sustainable products and services will update and enhance your home, while bettering our world. For us home design is a combination of functionality, style and endurance, combined with a moral, social and environmental responsibility. At Eco Simplista design is about creating solutions from natural elements. Eco Simplista is here to help you to live, create, and innovate an environmentally responsible lifestyle.

At Eco Simplista, we research extensively to find unique, creative, sustainable products that perform far superior to even the most “toxic” substitutes found at the big box outlets, which is no easy task.

    * Green Cleaning Products
    * Paints & Finishes
    * Caulking & Adhesives
    * Paint Stripping Products
    * Venetian Plaster & Stucco
    * Wood Finishing, Wood Stains, Sealants, Polish
    * Specialty Floor Coatings
    * Specialty Wall Coatings
    * Specialty Sealers
    * Wall Coverings
    * Eco Flooring, Wood, Tiles, Bamboo, Eco Timber, Plyboo, Coconut Palm, Cork, Expanco, Recycled Rubber, Concrete, Marmoleum, Carpet
    * Countertops - Poured Concrete - Alkemi-Recycled Surface Material
    * Decorative Concrete - Strippers, Etch, Cleaners & Degreasers, Stains, Sealers, Decorative Aggregates
    * Energy & Water, Flush Choice, Lighting, Rainwater Control / Harvesting, RainTube, Rainwater HOG

How We Select Our Products
When selecting which products we are going to carry we use the following criteria:

Performance - Does it perform as well as or better than similar products? We test all products before bringing them into Eco Simplista to sell to our customers.
Health - Is it healthier and safer for us and the environment than similar traditional products?
Cost - Is it a reasonably priced solution for our customers?
Use - Would we personally use it in our workplace or home? Only after we are satisfied that a product successfully meets all the above requirements do we offer the product to our customers.

Knowledgeable product support
Almost all of the big-box stores are offering items that are labeled “green” but often times the sales person has little or no knowledge of the product, how to use it or what makes it better than another product. Everything that we offer in our store not only have we asked the manufacturer what steps it has taken to make the product less toxic; but in addition we have tested it ourselves!

Order your Green Products from us Online

Eco Simplista
Your Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Company
Non-Toxic Zero VOC Paint, Eco Flooring, Concrete Countertops, Decorative Concrete & Remodeling Supplies
699 East Oakland Park Blvd., Oakland Park, FL 33334
Phone: 954-565-5900

South Florida Beach Cleaning and Beach Sanitizing by Beach Raker

Beach Raker is South Florida’s leading beach cleaning and beach sanitizing service.  The Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Wildlife Conservation Commission has approved Beach Raker to care for Florida's environmentally sensitive beaches. 

Our operators are trained extensively in the correct procedures for the following services:
  • Beach Cleaning
  • Beach Sanitizing
  • Garbage Removal
  • Excavation
  • Dune Restoration
  • Pruning Services
Our fleet of nine tractors are all equipped with specialized rakes and blades that are designed and manufactured for South Florida's unique beach conditions.
As the tractor moves across the beach, Sand Excavation on the Beacheaweed and debris is gathered by the rake.  The rake is followed by a drag which smooths out the sand to eliminate the rake marks and tire tracks.  When the rake is full the operator stops the tractor and inspects the seaweed piles.  The operator picks any debris out of the seaweed by hand and places it in the basket that runs along the back of the tractor.  Once all of the debris is removed and stored in the basket along the back side of the tractor, the Beach Sanitizing operator then reverses the tractor and uses the specialized blade on the front side of the tractor to bury the seaweed in the sand where it will decompose on the beach naturally.

Beach Raker
220 NE 13th Street
Pompano Beach, FL 33060
Palm Beach & Broward: 954.560.3906
Dade & Monroe: 786.877.0204
Fax: 561.892.0344

Alliant Property Maintenance Services of South Florida

Keeping your property looking clean and professionally maintained will help preserve it’s value, attract new tenants and reassure existing tenants that they’ve made the right decision by choosing your property.

Alliant Property Services provides Commercial Property & Building Maintenance to a wide range of Real Estate organizations:

  • Real Estate Management Firms
  • Facility Managers
  • Condominium Associations
  • Home Owners Associations
  • Building Owners
  • Shopping Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • Multilevel Parking Garages
  • Hotels, Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Our services include:
  • Parking Lot Sweeping & Cleaning
  • Porter Services – Litter Control
  • Steam Pressure Cleaning
  • Traffic Sign Maintenance
  • Lighting Replacement Maintenance
  • Interior / Exterior Repairs & Maintenance
  • Monthly Inspections
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Bulk Trash Removal
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Water Treatment Services
Whether it’s a small office, condominium association or a large corporate facility, you can trust us to provide experienced professionals to complete each task efficiently from start to finish.

Call today for a complimentary assessment  (954) 946-4340

Alliant Property Services LLC
220 NE 13th Street, Pompano Beach, Florida 33060
(954) 946-4340

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oren’s Daily Roast 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

This year we invite our customers to create their own gifts in the price range of their choice. Start with our award winning coffees, then add biscotti, cookies, candy or even equipment to create the perfect gift for your friends & loved ones!
Purchase anything — coffee, tea, candy, mugs, brewers - on our website totaling $60 or more and get 10% off your entire order and free shipping!
Use the promo code gifts at checkout before it’s too late.

Allegria Biscotti: Available in Vanilla Alm
ond or Chocolate Dipped

Chocolate Dipped Biscotti - $8.50


Vanilla Almond Biscotti - $8.50

------------------- Oren's Specialty Candy by Koppers -------------------

Espresso Bean Mix Assorted Chocolate $4.95

Almonds Trio Dark-White-Milk Chocolate $4.95

Dark Chocolate $4.95

Red Bing Cherries Chocolate $4.95 Espresso Beans 

------------------- Oren's Specialties -------------------

Oren's Special Blend $14.99

 La Minita Costa Rica $16.99

Chocolate Chip Cookies by Tate's Bake Shop - $5.50

---------------- Other Great Gift Ideas -------------------

Storage Canister $16.95

  Fast Touch Grinder $19.95

Oren's One Cup Brewing Set $14.95

Oren's 10 oz Travel Mug $13.95
Let us do all the work for you - we ship anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States.
Hurry, this online exclusive offer ends: Friday,December 23, 2011.
For more information, Call Oren's Daily Roast at 888-348-5400
or email:



Monday, November 28, 2011

Broadband, Satellite & CATV Equipment from AMT

Advanced Media Technologies provides the following major brands of high-end broadband, satellite and CATV equipment from:

• Adtec Digital • Alpha • Advanced Fiber Solutions • Amino Communications • ATX • Applied Instruments • AVP • Blonder Tongue Laboratories • Cilutions Software Systems • Coaxial Networks • Drake • DX Antenna • EGT • HDTV Labs • Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. • Emcore Force • Infovalue • ICMcorp. • Powertronics • Harris Videotek • K-Tech • Hai Vision Systems • Key West Technology • Marshall Electronics • MCR Group, Inc. • OPTICOMM • Microwave Filter Company • Middle Atlantic • Motorola • Norsat International, Inc. • Olson Technology, Inc. • Quintech • Pacific Broadband Networks - PBN • Readylinks • RGB Networks • Ripley Cablematic • Sadelco • Thomas & Betts • Tekron Communication • Terayon • Times Fiber • TRIPP LITE • Visionary Solutions • Wegener 

AMT offers a complete line of broadband products from the world's most recognized manufacturers, including Motorola, Harris/Videotek, DX Antenna, EGT, RGB, K-Tech and Blonder-Tongue, to name a few. In addition to product fulfillment, AMT provides expert in house technical support for RF and IP video distribution systems to Cable TV companies nationwide.

Digital Analog IP Headend Products
Digicipher Receivers
RF & Fiber Transport
Digital Encoders
Ad Insertion Equipment
Line Gear
Cable Modems & Gateways
Digital QAM & IP Set Tops

Advanced Media Technologies, Inc.
720 S. Powerline Road - Suite G
Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442
PHONE: 954.427.5711
TOLL-FREE: 888.293.5856

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Florida Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing Consultants

Providing our clientele with the best professional guidance in the Roofing and Waterproofing Industry


Benchmark Consulting Group
(954) 476-0801

Rickey's Sports bar & Grill - Football Specials

It's football season again, come join us at Rickey's to watch your favorite games. Enjoy food and drink in the comfort and watch the exciting games on our many HD screens

We have $14.95 Pitcher of Domestic Beer with a choice of:
- 14" cheese pizza - topping extra $
- Ultimate nachos
- Chicken Quesadilla
- 15 Naked Wings - Breaded or Grilled - $2.00 additional
- 4 mini burgers w/ fries - $12.95

Buckets of Beer Specials:
- 5 for $10 Domestic
- 5 for $15 Import
(specials also on well drink/pints, and house wines)

Available only during All live NFL & Divivion 1 College Games

Mon-Fri – 4pm to 4am
Sat & Sun – 12noon to 4am

Happy Hour 4-7pm and 10-12am
Dinner Specials
Superior Dining Service
Drink Specials
DirectTV NFL Package
Sports Bar with HD TV's
Full menu served until closing
Dine in or Take Out
Wide variety of food
Plenty of Parking
In The Biz Specials - All the time
Party Room for Social Events
Broward Catering - hors d'oeuvres, complete meals, the freshest ingredients, for receptions, parties or picnics

Rickey’s Sports Bar & Grill
8389 Pines Blvd
Pembroke Pines, Florida 33024

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Learn Medical Qigong Healing

 Providing Medical Qigong Healing Training in Miami and New York.

Qigong is a combination of two ideas: Qi" (pronounced chee), means air, breath of life, or vital energy that flows through all things in the universe and Gong" (pronounced gung, as in lung) means the skill of working with, or cultivating, self-discipline and achievement. Together, Qigong means the skill of cultivating vital energy, or the ability to work with the electromagnetic energy of the body. The body is enveloped by Qi or electromagnetic currents, affecting both internal and external organ functions. As Qi is the fundamental energy that sustains life, it is present in every cell of the body.

Medical Qigong
Medical qigong, is one of the four main branches of Chinese medicine along with acupuncture, herbal medicine, and medical massage. Medical Qigong is the study of the energetic map of the body based on classical and alchemical Chinese Medicine as well as more traditional Chinese Medicine. Medical Qigong techniques can be practiced on oneself for self-cultivation or on others as healing protocols. Prescription exercises, meditations and healing protocols, enhance body, mind and spirit and can also address the energetics of specific disease patterns.

Following is a simplified list of the important things a medical qigong practitioner can do to help their client facilitate the healing process. The list consists of the client's own self-practices and support from medical qigong and/or outside practitioners. Self-practice is an important part of a client taking responsibility for their own healing process and it also speeds up the work performed by outside sources. Assistance from outside sources is equally important, having an experienced ally in the healing journey makes the road smoother and faster!

3 Treasures Healing
Lisa VanOstrand, Dr. Of Medical Qigong (China)
Core Energetics Therapist - Clairvision Practitioner
Dean of Advanced Studies @ Barbara Brennan School of Healing 2000-2007
Contact: or 786 512 7096
for more information online -

Red Wine Stain Remover & Ketchup Stains

Stain Rx has a very long and successful track record. It has been used as Erado-Sol® in the medical and industrial fields for more than 40 years prior to being offered for household use.

Stain Rx contains surfactants, safe solvents and stain reducing components and has no phosphorous, peroxide or chlorine bleach.

Stain Rx is pH neutral and will not adversely affect colorfast washable fabrics and MAY BE DISCHARGED DIRECTLY INTO SEPTIC TANKS WITH NO HARM. Additionally, Stain Rx keeps colors vibrant and whites whiter without oxidizing agents.

Stain Rx is used to remove the following stains:
Red Wine - Rosé Wine - White Wine - Beer - Berries - Most fruits - Vegetables - Beets - Cola
Fresh tea - Brandy - Whisky - Rum - Fresh coffee - Apple juice - Worcestershire sauce - Balsamic vinegar
Yellow mustard - Ketchup - Grass - Iodine - Medicinal stains - Perspiration stains

Cambridge Diagnostic Products - manufacturer of Stain Rx
(800) 525-6262

Friday, November 25, 2011

Wholehouse Emergency Generators Propane or Natural Gas

Complete Emergency Standby Generator Systems including Transfer Switch and installation by State Licensed Electricians !!!
BSA Power Solutions provides the sales, installation, maintenance and service for our emergency standby generators for your home or business. We are owned and operated by a state licensed electrical contractor, so we do not sub contract our generator installations or service. This makes us a one stop shop for your home generator purchase. We are based in Broward County Florida, providing standby generator solutions all the communities of Broward and Palm Beach counties.
Being one of the top South Florida authorized Briggs and Stratton generator retailers, we are offered great pricing , so we can pass the savings on to you. We specialize in GE and  Briggs & Stratton Systems from 7kW to 150kW - Natural Gas & Propane Whole House Generator Systems for your home and business.
Peace of Mind
Whether you are home or away, power is automatically transferred to key circuits in your home during an outage, protecting your family while potentially saving you thousands of dollars in property damage.
A permanent connection to your power supply via a power transfer switch automatically provides uninterrupted power to your home when the power goes out. Environmentally friendly low-cost fuels like Natural Gas or Liquid Propane provide a safe, continuous fuel supply, eliminating the need for extension cords or messy gas cans.
Reliable Performance
At the heart of the generator is a high performance, fully-featured Briggs & Stratton Vanguard V-Twin OHV engine. Designed for ultimate longevity and performance, the engine is powerful enough to work with homes that have low fuel pressure, eliminating the need for a costly additional pressure regulator.
Unobtrusive Design
A sleek housing and small footprint make for subtle yet functional operation. Sound absorbing panels and an automotive muffler also keep sound to neighbor-friendly levels.
Continuous Low-Cost Fuel Supply
A permanent hook-up to Natural Gas or Liquid Propane provides a safe, virtually continuous automatic fuel supply eliminating the inconvenient connection steps required with portable generators.
Unparalleled Support
Backed by one of the most established and comprehensive service networks in the industry, every Briggs & Stratton Home Generator System comes with expert installation and worldwide support.

Call us for a quote for your standby generator power solution for your home or business.
BSA Enterprises, Inc.
6830 NW 20th Ave
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33309
Phone:  (954) 424-0998
State Licensed Electrical Contractor
FL License# EC13001261
LP GAS LIC # LP25130

Thursday, November 17, 2011

4 Free SteaksWith Order From Gourmet At Your Door!

A special offer just for you


The Holidays are almost here. Here is your opportunity to impress your loved ones, or friends with a Delicious Gift, and make it even more Special with 4 Free Steaks. That's Right! Send any gift of $79 or more, and we will include 4 (6oz.) Top Sirloin Steaks completely FREE! There is No Limit. This means that we will send FREE Steaks to every purchased address that you spend $79 or more. You can also send FREE Steaks to yourself when you stock your freezer with Gourmet at Your Door! Don't miss out on this great offer. Order Today!!

When Placing order, please type on Redemption Code Box:  Free Steaks, and we will include them on the delivery address purchase.

It's Very Simple, You Click, Pick, and We Ship!!!! We appreciate your business, and hope to fulfill your needs this Holiday Season.

Best Wishes!
Customer Service
Gourmet at Your Door
1 (866) 464-6876

*Minimum purchase of $79 (not including shipping cost) or more per shipping address to qualify for free steaks and your free steaks must ship with an order. Gift card purchases, or gift certificates do not count toward the $79 minimum order requirement. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer and is not valid on pending or prior purchases. Offer expires 12/22/11, or until supplies last

Online Promo Code: Free Steaks
Offer Expires 12, 22, 2011
Free Turkeys
For a Limited Time only, and while Turkeys last, we are giving away FREE Bell & Evans Turkeys for South Florida Clients who make an Online Purchase of $250 or more. This Offer is valid ONLY with online purchase of $250 min. Offer can not be combined with any other offers and is not valid on pending or prior purchases. Simply Type Free Turkey on redemption code box to receive promotion.(Turkey aprox. weight 15lbs-18lbs). No room on fridge, or freezer, No Problem! Just specify date for the Delivery of Turkey, and we will deliver on desired date (last delivery date 11/22/11)
Offer Expires: 11/21/11

Holiday Gift Basket Ideas from Oren's Daily Roast

Oren's Award Winning Coffee Recommendations
As the holiday season is now upon us, we'd like to share with all our customers
Oren's recommendations of his award winning coffees for your Thanksgiving feast:
Nicaragua La Ampliación
Sweet, Medium Body
Compliments: Cheeses, Fruits
Guatemala Antigua San Rafael Urias
Characteristics: Fruity, Bright, Medium Body
Compliments: Cookies
Oren's Special Blend Colombia Tolima
Characteristics: Full Body
Pies and cakes
Sumatra Mandheling Beowulf Espresso Blend Sumatra is the world's most full-bodied coffee. And our Beowulf Espresso Blend is a rich and dark full-bodied blend. Counter that after-dinner sleepy feeling with these coffees!

To complement your holiday enjoyment, we also recommend our
award winning cookies, biscotti, and chocolates.
Espresso Bean MixAssorted Chocolate $4.95 Chocolate Chip Cookies by Tate's Bake Shop - $5.50

Chocolate Dipped Biscotti - $8.50
Chocolate Covered Cherries
Red & Dark Chocolate $4.95
If you would like to send an Oren's holiday gift to your
friends & family, we can ship to anywhere!

Oren's Logo
177 E. 87THSTREET, SUITE 409
NEW YORK, NY 10128

PLEASE CALL: 888-348-5400

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ft Lauderdale Pool Builder Specializing in Waterfalls and Rock Creations

John Sammet is a local South Florida Pool Designer that has been building pools with rock creations like waterfalls and caves out of concrete since 1993. As the President of Sammet Pools, Inc , John has built many pools over the years and recognizes that in order to offer the best quality pools, you need to keep up with the latest construction practices and proven pool surface technologies along with the newest building materials.

Mr Sammet possesses the expertise in designing and building pools to fit most any yard or location and can add custom water features to it. Mr Sammet builds both residential and commercial pool structures with his incredible designing talent.

This link below a short gallery of products Mr Sammet has designed and built:

Top of the line waterfall construction
Natural rockscapes that look real
Faux Rock Siding for your Pool area
Lagoon Grotto Swimming pool designs
The Finest Pool Rock Water Features
Simulated Rock Caves

Sammet Pools, Inc is a South Florida Swimming Pool Builder and Designer providing Incredible Custom Pool Designs, Water Features and Backyard Waterfall Construction.

Mr Sammet can be reached at:
Sammet Pools, Inc.
10097 Clearly Blvd. Suite #183
Plantation, Florida 33324
Phone: (954) 232-1915

Miami-Dade Condo Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors

-- Our work is above City & State Code for all Our installations. We also submit permits and arrange inspections so you will have peace of mind knowing that Our work was done better than Code, correct and secure.
-- We have Windows and Doors for almost any opening
-- Offering 100% Financing to Qualified Customers
-- We accept Checks, Visa, MasterCard and American Express

We carry and install the following Impact Windows and Doors:

* Single Hung Windows
* Horizontal Slider Windows
* Casement Windows
* French & Sliding Glass Doors
* Hurricane Rated Exterior Doors
* Entry Doors
* Patio Doors
* Sliding Glass Doors
* Storm Doors
* Replacement Doors & Windows

Our Impact resistant windows or doors with laminated glass offers advantages that shutter systems can not provide.
* No unsightly shutter components are visible on the home.
* 24 hours, 365 days a year protection from hurricanes and tropical storms.
* Superior sound reduction from exterior noise (such as lawn mowers, airplanes, street noise, etc.) as opposed to regular glass.
* Over 50 years experience in the real world - laminated glass has been used since the 1940's on the front windshield of automobiles.
* Peace of mind - if you are on vacation and a storm is approaching, your home is protected.
* Laminated glass is a safety-glazing product and complies with the same safety specifications as tempered glass.
* One time investment - requires no maintenance or installation every time a storm threatens (unlike shutter systems).
* Visibility - in the event of a storm of hurricane, you are not trapped in an enclosed and dark environment.
* Reduces fading of items inside home - laminated glass filters harmful ultra violet rays.

Contact us today for more information about our impact windows and doors:

Forest Green Construction, Inc.
8930 State Road 84
Davie, Fl. 33324
Tel (954) 382-2500

Forest Green Construction, Inc.& DBA/David Charles Construction, Inc.
is a Florida State Certified General Contractor CGC # 1506646 - Licensed - Insured

BSA Enterprises - Ft Lauderdale Electricians

BSA Enterprises is a state licensed and fully insured, electrical contracting firm located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and established in 1992. BSA Enterprises, Inc., is family owned and operated and is an all service electrical contractor providing commercial and residential services in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

BSA Enterprises counts among our clients a leading South Florida professional sports arena, numerous residential communities and large-scale condominium developments, a prominent college institution, several property management firms for condominium and shopping centers, and a variety of large retailers and automotive / vehicle showrooms. We also work directly with consumers in new-home construction for electrical and fire alarm installations.

BSA Enterprises stands behind each job, and we are committed to completeing our work in a professional and timely fashion. BSA Enterprises can confidently recommend electrical solutions and will stand behind those recommendations. Our customers can be certain we are selling a product that we would sell to a family member.

* Residential & Condominium electrical repair services
* New residential construction as well as residential remodeling
* Fire Alarm Installation, Monitoring and Upgrades for condominiums
* Home Emergency Generator Systems
* Commercial build-outs of restaurants, medical facilities, office buildings, banks, shopping centers and large buildings and sporting facilities

We also install & repair Parking Lot Lighting, as well as, Bulb and Ballast Replacement. We have lift trucks to reach all building and parking lighting fuxtures. BSA can install and repair all your interior and exterior building lighting needs.

BSA Enterprises, Inc.
State Licensed Electrical Contractor
6830 NW 20th Ave, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33309
Phone: (954) 424-0998

Providing State Licensed Electrical Contractor Services and Electricians across South Florida in Broward and Palm Beach counties

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Male Voice Over Talent

Gordon possess a natural, deep, resonant, articulate and professional voice and can provide a broad range of styles for any voice media need.

Utilizing his on-site professional recording studio (Pro-Tools), he can offer 24-hour turnaround in any file format.

Gordon is available for the following services:

Male Voice Over Talent
Voice Acting
Narration Voiceovers
Radio Commercials
TV Commercials
Documentary Voice Overs
Narrations for Radio, TV, & Web
Telephone Voice Systems
On-hold, IVR, and Voicemail
GPS Systems

Gordon Borteck
(201) 736-5193

Boca Raton Mobile Auto Body Repair Shops

Paint Shuttle has been providing top-quality auto body repair service to all makes and models or domestic and import cars for over 20 years.
We use only the best products and materials to provide a lasting finish.
Our technicians are professionally trained to ensure your car or truck will be looking like new.
We service the tri-county area from Palm Beach to Broward to Miami-Dade counties.

We repair the following:
• Paint Scuffs
• Auto Dent Repairs
• Door Dings
• Car Scratch Repairs
• Minor Body Damage
• Key Scratches
• Plastic Bumper Repair
• Cosmetic Auto Repairs
• Minor Collision Repairs
• Hail Damage
• Paintless Dent Repairs
• Auto Paint damage

Car's scratches, dents, dings, and bumper repairs done professionally and where you are located.


Paint Shuttle
265 S. Federal Highway - Suite 293 · Deerfield Beach, Florida 33441
PHONE: 954.426.1365

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ft Lauderdale Phone and Internet Services by COMRES

ComRes sells, installs and maintains a variety of telecommunications systems low voltage voice and data cabling, local telephone service, long distance service, high-speed Internet Access and Voice over IP (VoIP) services:

Phone Lines - ComRes Telecom can help you select the provider and plan that is best for your business and budget, and help you order it!
Phone Equipment - ComRes has been selling, installing and servicing commercial phone systems since 1988. We sell a variety of phone systems from Mitel, Avaya, Iwatsu and others.
Data Services - ComRes is excited to announce its addition of high-end data services to its wide range of communications offerings
Voice and Data cabling - Whether you are installing a phone system, VoIP or plain old phones from your local computer store, you will probably need some type of voice and data cabling.
Internet Access - Most businesses now have some type of high-speed Internet access. ComRes can help select a service that fits your needs
VOIP - Voice over Internet Protocol - Many companies are taking advantage of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to save money or enhance their business.
Email Marketing Solutions - ComRes offers the latest Swiftpage Email Marketing Solutions

Why ComRes?
Calls answered by a live body during normal business hours
Fast, friendly technical service
Cost effective telephone solutions for any business

Contacting COMRES USA For Your South Florida Telecommunication and Data Needs

33 NE 2nd Street, Suite 212
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
(877) 379-9600 - Toll Free Phone
(954) 462-9600 - Local
(954) 760-9067 - Fax

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oren's Daily Roast Offers an Award Winning Coffee for the Holidays

New York Classic Offers Award Winning Coffee for the Holidays

MISSOULA, Mont., Nov. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Oren's Daily Roast, a longstanding New York specialty coffee destination now owns the 9th place Cup of Excellence® award winning coffee from Nicaragua's 2011 competition and will be roasting this rare coffee in small batches for the holiday season. Oren Bloostein, founder of Oren's Daily Roast and a strong supporter of Nicaragua's coffee farmers, placed the top bid for this coffee at the annual auction. "We will not be serving this coffee as an espresso," he explained. "This coffee's soft, sweet multidimensional flavors are best enjoyed when sipped slowly with a press or a drip preparation and a lighter roast."

The farmer, Maykol Yader Montenegro took top honors by submitting a coffee into the yearly competition described as having incredible balance with dark berries, black currant, plum and chocolate flavor notes. Beginning with a rose aroma and ending with a spicy, lasting extremely sweet finish, the international jury ranked it in the top ten coffees from Nicaragua for 2011.

The coffee was grown on the La Ampliacion farm located in the Nueva Segovia region of Nicaragua now famous for the number of awards bestowed on its coffee farmers. The farm had been abandoned until 5 years ago when the family purchased the land and worked tirelessly to develop its quality.

"Even in uncertain economic times, coffee connoisseurs enjoy and appreciate farmer-identified, exceptional coffees," explained Susie Spindler, Executive Director of The Alliance for Coffee Excellence, Inc., the non-profit manager of the Cup of Excellence competition for the world's finest coffees. "Most of the award winning coffees are shipped to Europe, Asia and Australia so this is a great opportunity for New Yorkers to get a chance to enjoy Nicaragua's finest in the store or at home," she added.

Oren's Daily Roast with 9 locations in New York - the newest one being on Broadway near Times Square - has been featured in several publications and has been a hallmark of New York coffee since 1986. The coffees will be available in all 9 stores and online at

Since 1999, the Cup of Excellence competition has been hosted in Brazil, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Colombia and Rwanda with future expansion planned. Each competition is open to all farmers in a producing country.

For more information about the Cup of Excellence program log on to

Susie Spindler
Executive Director
Alliance for Coffee Excellence, Inc.
Phone: 406-542-3509

SOURCE Alliance for Coffee Excellence

Oren's Daily Roast
NYC's Premier Coffee Roaster
1440 Broadway - Flagship Store
(Between 40th & 41st Streets)
(646) 291-2090
New York, NY 10018

To order this new Nicaraguan coffee from Oren's Daily Roast - click on Nicaragua La Ampliación

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Car Title Loans - New Port Richey

When you need cash - fast - let Embassy Loans of New Port Richey be your key to financial freedom.

We specialize in loans for auto titles, auto equity loans and auto refinancing.

* You keep the car and the cash
* Same day cash
* A-Rated with the Better Business Bureau
* Offering some of the Lowest Rates in Florida - as low as 1.5% monthly
* Borrow up to $5,000
* Monthly Payments - 12 to 18 month financing
* Bad credit? No credit? No problem - Regardless of Credit

Embassy Loans is New Port Richey's leader for loans on your auto title. If you have the title, we have the money you need to get your life back on track.

Call 866-277-5796 or visit our web site for more information:

Embassy Loans is a consumer finance company licensed under Statute 516 [Consumer Finance] in the State of Florida. Because we specialize in equity loans, loans are based on equity, not personal credit scores - and are made regardless of personal credit history.

Car Title Loans - Bradenton

When you need cash - fast - let Embassy Loans of Bradenton be your key to financial freedom.

We specialize in loans for auto titles, auto equity loans and auto refinancing.

* You keep the car and the cash
* Same day cash
* A-Rated with the Better Business Bureau
* Offering some of the Lowest Rates in Florida - as low as 1.5% monthly
* Borrow up to $5,000
* Monthly Payments - 12 to 18 month financing
* Bad credit? No credit? No problem - Regardless of Credit

Embassy Loans is Bradenton's leader for loans on your auto title. If you have the title, we have the money you need to get your life back on track.

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Embassy Loans is a consumer finance company licensed under Statute 516 [Consumer Finance] in the State of Florida. Because we specialize in equity loans, loans are based on equity, not personal credit scores - and are made regardless of personal credit history.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Car Title Loans - Kissimmee

When you need cash - fast - let Embassy Loans of Kissimmee be your key to financial freedom.

We specialize in loans for auto titles, auto equity loans and auto refinancing.

* You keep the car and the cash
* Same day cash
* A-Rated with the Better Business Bureau
* Offering some of the Lowest Rates in Florida - as low as 1.5% monthly
* Borrow up to $5,000
* Monthly Payments - 12 to 18 month financing
* Bad credit? No credit? No problem - Regardless of Credit

Embassy Loans is Kissimmee's leader for loans on your auto title. If you have the title, we have the money you need to get your life back on track.

Call 866-277-5796 or visit our web site to apply

Embassy Loans is a consumer finance company licensed under Statute 516 [Consumer Finance] in the State of Florida. Because we specialize in equity loans, loans are based on equity, not personal credit scores - and are made regardless of personal credit history.